Read our 2023/24 Sustainability update

Read our 22-23 ESG report.

Find out more about the progress we have made so far.

This page will be regularly updated with our latest sustainability initiatives, these include:

• Challenging all contractors to be more sustainable and actively de-selecting companies that are not making efforts in this area
• Working with exhibitors to ensure their environmental impact is managed and limited
• Working with visitors to ensure that their environmental impact is managed and limited
• Ensuring our own business activities are delivered with the minimum environmental impact
• Delivering an offsetting programme focused on carbon removal by 2025 within the UK

We are a small business with good intentions and we believe that we can deliver net zero by 2025 with our UK business.  In the USA the business ambitions are to be net zero by 2027. Currently the infrastructure and venues in the USA are not set up to focus on sustainability, hence the slower progression with our US business. We are not experts so we welcome any suggestions, challenges or questions that you may have regarding our strategy.

Please contact me at any time should you wish to talk:

Mike Seaman
CEO – Raccoon Media Group

A bit about ecollective

A team of self-confessed carbon geeks, they are committed to helping businesses fight the climate crisis. They do this by making it as simple as possible to measure carbon performance today and providing tools to improve it tomorrow. By finding sustainable solutions that benefit the business, the customer and the planet.

We work closely with ecollective to gather all relevant information needed, to measure and calculate our carbon footprint across all our events and day to day operations. We are keen to share information and help the team at Raccoon learn and reduce the environmental impact of our business.