Suzanne Shaw announces Run in 4 challenge

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Singer, actress and wellness advocate Suzanne Shaw takes on her toughest running challenge to date as she continues to highlight mental health awareness.
Suzanne is a keen runner and uses running to support her own wellbeing.

She has completed multiple extreme running challenges in the past, but this will be her toughest test yet! Suzanne will run at least an ultra marathon (30 miles) for four consecutive days to highlight the fact that 1 in 4 people in in the UK experience mental health issues every year. For added jeopardy, Suzanne will roll a 4-sided dice at the start of each day and if she rolls a 1 then the distance will increase to 50 miles! This means the total distance could be 120 miles or 200 miles – depending on how the dice falls.

Suzanne wants to show just how incredible the human mind and body is when given a chance. If Suzanne can overcome this, then maybe, just maybe, there’s a way out for others suffering too. Various individuals that Suzanne has visited throughout her journey will join her for parts of this incredible challenge, bringing together a community of inspiring individuals, showing even in our darkest and most painful moments, anything is possible. There truly can be a way out that has a happy ending. Suzanne intends to prove that.

An experienced team of film-makers has come together to capture the challenge which will take place in May this year to raise money for the charity Mind. For updates on the challenge follow @run_in_four or to make a donation visit